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General Questions

Ride sharing is a synonym for Vehicle pooling-literally sharing a ride with another passenger. It helps passengers to reduce vehicle trips, thereby helping in reducing pollution, Less fuel burn, saving fuel cost, and being socially involved.

PicknHop is not just an On-Demand ride-sharing app that provides an amazing alternative for the daily commute with real-time shared rides with verified co-riders, but it's also a platform to solve traffic congestion and pollution issues we are facing today. It's a social platform for connecting people.

Now choose PicknHop for reasons you’ve never found before. Unmatched security features & checks, unparalleled flexibility and pool of options for both rider and hopper, a unique algorithm for finding familiar faces, hassle-free transaction and much more.
PicknHop provides you with shared rides not only for a local (intracity) commute but for the intercity commute as well. Join PicknHop community and spare yourselves the trouble of finding a public mode of transportation for both intercity & intracity commute.
Install the PicknHop App. Enter your Mobile number, and verify this via OTP sent. Fill in your personal information (First Name, Last Name, and Email) and you are good to go. Alternatively, you can also log in to PicknHop using your Facebook/twitter account.
Not willing to get out of your comfort zone and travel with a stranger? Want to hop-in with faces you have seen before? Fill up your Institute profile. And let us find you hoppers from your common institutes. You can update your company, society, sports club, gym etc. to help us get you familiar faces.
In order to prevent any misuse of the information or service, PicknHop agrees to get into a legal binding with its users. This is an agreement that sets the rules and guidelines that users must agree to and follow in order to use and access your website or mobile app.
Yes, you do. A complete profile will help PicknHop improve its search algorithm and find you the most suitable rides. It also improves your chances of getting a familiar face to ride with.
Log into PicknHop App. Go to ‘My Account’ tab, and choose ‘Settings’ to edit the different fields of information.
Yes, you can. Go to ‘settings’ and choose ′Change Mobile Number′. Edit your phone number from there, and verify it by means of OTP.
Connecting your social media account to PicknHop not only helps you in reaching higher profile completeness thus establishing you as a professional PicknHop user, it also helps us to get the best possible Ride share matches for you. Go to ′My account′ Tab. Go to ′settings′ Choose the options ′Connect FB′ for linking your Facebook account to PicknHop. Choose ′connect LinkedIn′ to link your LinkedIn account to PicknHop.
Setting up Home & Office address is much needed in compliance with our security verification process. Go to ′My account′ Tab. Go to ′settings′. Choose the option ′home address′ for updating your home address to PicknHop. Choose ′Office Address′ to add your office address to PicknHop.

Anyone commuting with a owned or a rented vehicle (be it a four wheeler or a two wheeler) with extra seats can offer those extra seats for sharing a ride.

No, it’s not. There is in-app calling feature available for the users to contact the ride givers or hoppers.

PicknHop allows you to share the cost of the ride based on the distance traveled, the type of ride shared i.e. Commercial or personal and the vehicle type i.e. Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, Luxury, auto or bike.

No. PicknHop does not charges you anything for its services. It’s a free app available to you to help you save pollution, time and money.

PicknHop promotes the ′Demonetization′ and ′Go Cashless′ Campaigns promoted by our Government by offering you the options to pay online through card & different ‘e-wallets’. However, payment by cash is also available.

Now you can refer PicknHop to friends n family, and get attractive offers for your ride. Go to ′My account′ and choose ′referral′ option from the menu. A referral code is automatically generated for you. Share your referral code via Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, WhatsApp or text. Ask your contacts to use PicknHop using your referral code. Enjoy attractive offers from PicknHop.

Go to ′my account′ section, and tap on ′my rides′, It contains all the details of rides taken and offered by you.